My Basics Sweet Citrus Natural Deodorant

My Basics Sweet Citrus Natural Deodorant


Our My Basics signature deodorant is sourced with all natural ingredients with a aromatic fragrant profile that will leave you feeling refreshed. Care for your body with one ingredient at a time, the My Basics way. 


My Basics Principles: Our My Basics Deodorant is sourced with all natural, paraben free and aluminum free ingredients. Aluminum and parabens are toxic ingredients that can escape through your sweat glands. Our deodorant does not contain these ingredients, leaving you and your loved ones with the surity that when you use our all natural deodorant, you are investing in your lasting health and wellness. Explore our selection of varying scents!


Instructions: Apply a thin layer to underarms, as needed. 


Care: Keep our My Basics Deodorant in a cool, dry place to keep your deodorant lasting longer. 



Scent: Citrus